Bruton Primary School

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Writer of the Week

Well done to Tahlia and Chloe for more wonderful writing inside and outside of school this week!

Well done to Isabella and Esther for more wonderful writing this week!

Well done to Oscar and Roman for some more wonderful writing this week!

Well done to Thea and Minnie for their excellent presentation and handwriting!

Well done to Kaleb and Otte for their outstanding writing this week!

Well done to Oliver for his newspaper report and Mabel for her Christmas letter. Brilliant stuff!

Well done to Leo and Caris-Violet for some wonderful writing on the Great Fire of London and a fabulous newspaper report!

Well done to Autumn for some excellent writing on Remembrance!

Have you ever wondered how to wash a woolly mammouth? Well done to Matilda (KS2) for writing a set of instructions telling us just how to do so!

Well done to Wilfred and Aria for more incredible writing this week!

Well done to Johnny and Codey for some outstanding writing this week!

Well done to Kristian for a fantastic innovated story!

Well done to Beatrice for an outstanding rewritten myth on King Midas

KS2 - Well done Finley for an epic story on the journey of a raindrop!

KS2 - Well done to Wren for an excellent start to her narrative using figurative language. We can't wait to read the rest!

KS1 - Well done to Tavya for a wonderful piece of writing in RE. Check out the handwriting too!

KS2 - Well done Gilbert for an outstanding narrative piece based on Holes!

KS1 - Well done to Maggie for an excellent series of character descriptions!

Well done to Jasmine for an excellent setting description & Fiona for some wonderful handwriting and attitude to writing!

KS2 - Well done to Jamie for an excellent discussion text and Mollie for a wonderful letter!

KS1 - Well done to Fred for a wonderful postcard and Shriaan for an excellent piece of persuasive writing!

KS2 - Well done to Oscar for an excellent poem, inspired by our visit from poet Kate Wakeling.

KS1 - Well done to Liberty for a lovely piece of narrative writing with good use of time conjunctions.

KS2 - 31.03.23 - Well done to Delilah for an absolutely superb suspense text!

KS1 - 31.03.23 - Well done to Romy for a super piece of writing comparing two holiday destinations!

KS2 - 24.3.23 - Well done to Cleo for a wonderful persuasive advert!

KS1 24.3.23 - Well done to Leo for an excellent piece of writing on the Hungry Caterpillar.