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EAGLES 2019/2020

EAGLES 2019/2020 1 Eagles!

School Closure

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Welcome to Eagle Class!


In Eagle class you will find Miss Giles (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) and Mrs Newbury (Thursday and Friday), alongside Learning Support Assistants Mrs Stokes,  Mrs Meadowcroft and Mrs Budd-Lowe. 


PE is on a Monday. However, we may do extra sessions as and when we can so please ensure PE kits are named and always available at school.



Reading - at least 5 times a week to be recorded in their reading diary.

Spellings - children to choose 5 random words (10 if they want to) off their individual word lists.  Please encourage your child to think about writing exciting sentences by using different openers, adjectives and varied punctuation. These are set every Thursday and are due in the Thursday after, when we will complete a spelling test on 10 random words off the list.

Maths- every Thursday new activities are set on Studyladder to be completed by the next Thursday. All children have a copy of their username and password provided in a letter and written in their reading diaries however please come and ask us if it has been misplaced. 



If you have any important messages please pass these on to one of the staff members within the class first thing in the morning, alternatively if you need a longer discussion you can always make an appointment to come and speak to Miss Giles or Mrs Newbury at a more convenient time. 

Spring 2

This half term we will be answering the question: How has the school contributed to Bruton's history? Please see the attached overview to find out more.

Mike Brownlow author visit

Visit to Bruton Museum

Science Investigation - identifying the changes to our body after exercise

Enjoying the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

A visit from the Dogs Trust

Dance work shop related to Where The Wild Things Are

World Book Day - Sharing books with Auklet Class

World Book Day - Can you guess who we are?

Generating questions

In the next few weeks, we will be having past students answer questions that we have generated about the history of the school. We looked at some old photos to help us generate our questions.


As part of our maths day, we took part in some outdoor learning. Mrs Newbury taught us a times tables game using hoops and beanbags. We then created our own times tables games that we could play outside. 


Happy New Year!! 

For this half term we will be answering the question "What forces does Iron Man use and is he magnetic?" Please see the attached overview to find out more about what we will be learning. 

Parent Overview Spring 1

Ca va?

In French we having been learning how to greet each other and ask "how are you?" We walked around the room greeting each other and responding correctly. 

God's promise to Abraham

We learnt about God’s promise to Abraham before thinking about promises made in our lives and how we feel when they are broken.

Magnetic Field

We investigated which materials were magnetic as well as looking at the magnetic field of magnets with iron filings. 

Push and pull forces

We created our own push and pull snap game and then played them with a friend. 

Science experiment using toy cars!



From half term until Christmas we will be answering the question "What was it like to live during the Stone Age/Bronze Age/ Iron Age?" Please see the attached overview so you can find out what your child will be learning. 


We enjoyed trying different herbs before making our own tea bag from different herbs. We learnt about the different qualities of herbs such as chamomile is calming.We then designed our own boxes to advertise our tea. 

Andy Seed - Author Visit

Today we had the pleasure of having Andy Seed talk to us about being an author and his most recent book "The clue is in the poo". We thoroughly enjoyed being detectives to identify animals from different clues such as foot prints, nibble marks and poo! We also enjoyed listening to jokes and riddles.

Trying Stewed Fruit


After gathering different fruit, people living during the Stone Age would stew the fruit to preserve it. We cut and prepared fruit to be stewed thinking about safety in the kitchen. We will try them once cooled!


We looked at the diet of people who lived during the Stone Age and how they didn't grow their own food. Instead they had to be hunter-gatherers. We learnt about the tools they used and then went off 'hunting and gathering' on the school field. 


We read and followed instructions to make our own Woolly Mammoths. Come and look at them displayed in our classroom.

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth

We are reading the book 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth'. We have washed some toys using imperative 'bossy' verbs to help us. We have then read and followed some instructions to make our own Woolly Mammoth (Thank you for all the milk cartons!). 



After watching a virtual tour of the caves at Lacsaux Caves and looking at a variety of pictures of cave painting, we went in our 'caves' and used charcoal to recreate designs. Some of us thought about what story our designs were telling. We also blew powder paint to create an outline of our hand. 



This Autumn we will be answering the question "What could we find if we took a journey to the centre of the earth?" during our Quest work. 

Please see the half termly overview and our class timetable below for more details. 


Please see below information about what we will be up to during Focus Week.

Escape From Pompeii - Newspaper Articles

After reading the story, Escape from Pompeii, the children became reporters and wrote a newspaper article about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Italy. Please come and have a look on our writing wall to see more examples.

Eagle and Falcon Trip to St Mary's Church

Somerset Earth Science Centre School Trip

Ukulele and Music lessons

Ukulele and Music lessons 1
Ukulele and Music lessons 2


So far this half term we have been developing our knowledge of place value. This has included learning about Roman Numerals, comparing numbers and ordering them. 


As a class we thought about what 'ingredients' make a good friend. We added these to our jars and they are displayed in Eagle classroom as a reminder. We then thought about applying these 'ingredients' in to different scenarios that may happen during the school day.

WOW experiments

Before we told the class what our Quest topic was this half term, they completed a range of experiments to give them some clues. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3