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Welcome to Falcon Class

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Welcome to Falcon Class of 2020-21!


Hello and welcome, Falcons!


I am Miss Hutton and I will be year teacher.  I'm thrilled to be joining your friendly school.  For those of you who are new to Bruton Primary School, I will be new too so don't be nervous.  I am very excited to meet you all.  


Mrs Spraggs will be your teaching assistant across the whole week, so will be another friendly face in Falcon Class.  We are both looking forward to seeing you in September.  We will have separate lessons for Maths, English, PE and RE as well as Quests, where we will go on a journey to explore our topic work. 


I love science and Mrs Spraggs loves maths, and we look forward to hearing about the subjects that you love.  We hope to make next year as enjoyable as possible and to build your curiosity for learning!


Our classroom is next to the resources room and provides lots of space for learning.  There is also an outdoor space for learning outside during the sunny weather. 


We hope that you have a great summer holiday and look forward to hearing all about it in September.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on


Miss Hutton and Mrs Spraggs

Falcon Class

Home Learning During School Closure


Hi Falcon Class, it's Mrs Smith here, I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I am returning to work from my maternity leave after half term and so will be here to answer questions and set work for you.

Please email now instead of Eagle Class.

A big thank you to Mrs Newbury and Miss Giles for looking after you :)

I can't wait to hear what you have all been up to, until then, look after yourselves.

Mrs Smith smiley


For Home Learning information, please click the star below...

Falcon Class 2019-2020

Mr Holloway & Mrs Spraggs

Spring 2

Welcome back to a new half term. This half term we will be answering the question- How has the school contributed to Bruton's history? Please see the overview for me details. 

Happy New Year!

We've already got going with our learning this week in Falcon class! We've started by learning and performing a poem - Amulet by Ted Hughes - together, creating artistic city skylines showing multiplication arrays, and Scratch-ing (an awful Computing joke there) our programming itch!




A New Quest!


Refreshed after the holidays, we are back at it again with our new quest:


What was life like in the Stone Age / Iron Age / Bronze Age?


We have got stuck right in! From our initial lesson examining images of artefacts to spark questions...



to carefully washing mucky dinosaurs (to practice imperative verbs)...



and practicing reading and following instructions by making woolly mammoths.



In PSHE we were looking at the bonds formed between us within our class community and outside (e.g clubs, parties, where we live). We formed a circle and threw a ball of string to someone we had a bond with, saying what our bond was. This formed a web showing the ways we are all connected. We also had to practise listening and taking turns as we discussed the bonds we were learning about.


We found such bonds as:


"We are best friends."

"We have playdates together."
"We are cousins."
"We go swimming together."

"We have run in the same races."




As Remembrance Day approaches, we have also been making poppies for our school display (visible in our dining hall windows) inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe's poppy paintings.



Falcon Class Autumn 1


It has been a busy half-term for Falcon class! We have learned all sorts about volcanoes, rocks, the layers of the Earth and more! We have also been busy brushing up our place value, addition and subtraction skills in Maths; in English we have written our own narratives inspired by The Pebble in My Pocket and we are currently finishing of a newspaper report after reading Escape from Pompeii.




Quest WOW Experiments


At the start of the term, we took part in a series of mysterious experiments designed to get us thinking about what it could be. We came up with some interesting ideas: jelly? Robots? Fizzy drinks? What could it be?!



Place Value, Adding & Subtracting


This term has seen us focus on being able to identify place value in numbers and explore different methods for addition and subtraction. We have used a range of resources and technology to help us.






We have explored the use of our collage and watercolour painting skills this half-term to create art inspired by our journey to the center of the Earth.




Summer Overview for Falcon

Spring Term - Wild, Wonderful World

Look at this week’s issue of The Week Junior - a great article about Ancient Egypt! It will be arriving in Falcon class on Monday! Tell me one fantastic fact to earn yourself 3 house points!

Look at our fantastic Flo!! Falcon Class are so proud of your attitude towards others, you have made a real difference to the lives of others, well done smiley



Mabel's Grandparents kindly let us borrow the traditional Egyptian clothes that they got whilst visiting Egypt a few years ago.

We talked about the different fabric and designs used. The children really enjoyed dressing up!

We have started using Studyladder in Falcon class. This letter explains how to log on and also gives further information. Log ins have been given to the children.

Mrs Smith brought in her Brownie sash from when she was a Brownie (24 years ago!!) to show the class. Beth also brought hers in (a little more up to date!) and talked us through all of the wonderful awards she had received. Well done Beth!


Exploring colour mixing using watercolours to paint our self portraits!

We have been working hard on our reasoning about shapes this week! We've made posters about different sorts of triangles, and then we did some true or false challenges. Can you explain your reasoning?



We have been using our new all weather running track.

As a school  we are hoping to run the equivalent distance of travelling to Zambia. Currently Falcon have done 407 laps so far, which equals 81,400m!



Falcon's Favourite Facts and Fiction!


We have been thinking about our favourite book in Falcon class and have been creating front covers ready for a display in the Library! Keep your eye out for our fabulous designs!


What is your favourite book?


Here are some works in progress...




The Life Education bus visited us on the 13th September. We learnt about the brain and all of the important jobs it does. We also learnt about the effects of drugs and alcohol on the body.


We are all really proud of Florrie as she has achieved her entry level Classical Ballet award with distinction!

Well done Florrie, what an achievement!




In our Quest this term, we are looking at Ancient Egypt and learning about Who the Egyptians were, What life was like for them, What Mummies were, Who Tutankammun was, Which Gods the Egyptians believed in and also how they used Hieroglyphics to write.


We have been lucky enough to be able to look at different artifacts from North Africa. Below is a photo of Dante, Isabella and Darcy in traditional Egyptian dress.




We are Falcon!