Bruton Primary School

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In Cuckoo Class we have been taking part in a whole host of fun activities and experiments as part of British Science Week. Today the whole school took part in the tumbling toast experiment. We had to see if toast would fall butter side down more often than butter side up. We spoke lots about making sure our experiment was fair, and the factors that we had to use to make sure it was a fair experiment. We took it in turns to drop the toast from a height and recorded a tally of the results. We then put various toppings onto the toast (jam, marmite and marshmallow fluff) to see if this altered the results. We then discussed why, more often than not, the toast always landed with the topping side down.

Dove have been learning about Plants in Science. The children looked closely at a daffodil and labelled the different parts of it - thinking about the function of each of these parts. They then went on to dissect a broad bean and identified the seed coat, the food store and the embryo.

Eagle class completed an experiment to make a compass using a magnetised needle floating on a cork.

Eagle class completed an experiment to test out our 5 senses.

Road to RIAT

Year 5 had the opportunity today to spend time taking part in a national Air and Space Engineering Challenge. The aim of the challenge sponsored by the RAF was to encourage children to potentially think about engineering as a future career. We will meet with engineers and scientists later on this half term, called STEM Superstars. 

We made gliders, learning about the fuselage, empennage, wing shapes and the different forces that act on them. We then tested these out, recording distance and time of flight, which then allowed us to find out the speed at which the gliders flew.

Our afternoon was spent designing sustainable aircrafts which will then be entered into a national competition.

In Science, we have been looking at different types of microbes. Ibis class made a range of viruses, bacterium and fungi out of plasticine. Can you work out which is which?

Ibis class have used sweets to practise making classification keys within Science this half term

May the force be with you!

We have been learning about forces and magnets during the Spring term. We learnt what a force is in terms of push and pull. We also investigated magnet strength and friction. We created our own compass using magnets.

Ibis welcomed students and staff from Sexey to help us with our starter session of Electricity. We thought about what we knew previously before completing challenges involving simple circuits.

Ibis class made blood, using different objects to represent both the solid and liquid components of blood.

In Year One and Two we did an investigation to test and find out which material would be best to make a coat for a coastguard. We predicted which material we thought would be best suited and then we tested to see which the most waterproof material was.

In Dove we carried carried out an investigation to see how the shape of materials could be changed by bending, squashing and stretching.

Ibis class created their own circulatory system, with themselves being the blood. They learnt about the journey of blood around the heart and to the lungs or body to deliver oxygen.