Bruton Primary School

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Religious Education

In Dove, we enjoyed a virtual workshop from the Jewish museum. We discussed all things relating to the Torah. Did you know that you have to practise writing Hebrew for 10 years before you can become a Torah scribe?

In Dove class, we have been exploring the inside of a synagogue. We have looked at the special features of the synagogue and learnt that the most important part is the Ark, where the Torah is kept. We found out that the Torah scroll is written in Hebrew, which is read from right to left. We also discovered that it would take a whole year to write one! We had a go at creating our own Torah scroll, including writing in Hebrew then tea staining it for effect.

In Dove class we have introduced our unit on Judaism by looking at various artefacts which are important to the Jewish religion. We learnt all about the Star of David, the Menorah candle, Shabbat, a Kippah, Sedar plates and the Torah Scroll. 

We watched a video showing the inside of a Synagogue and how a family worships on the Shabbat.