Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Ditcheat Primary School and Upton Noble C of E VC Primary School


Falcon class have been looking at Fractions Greater than 1 and have used bar models to support them.

In Dove Class, we have been looking at giving change. Today we had to give change from £1 and used our knowledge of number bonds to 100 to help us work it out.

Today in Dove Class, we made fruit punch. We had four varieties of fruit juice. The punch needed to have 1L of juice, but all four varieties of juice needed to be used. 

We used our whiteboards to work out our own recipe for the punch by writing down the different ways 1000 can be made by using four numbers (we were not allowed to use 250ml x4). Each child then measured an amount of fruit juice using the measuring jug and poured it into the second measuring jug. We worked as a group to help tell if the measurement was accurate.


In Dove Class for Maths, we have started our unit on position and direction by exploring positional and directional language practically. We took part in a carousel of activities which included programming the Beebots to get them from a starting point to a finishing point, using the Beebot programming game on iPads and creating an obstacle course, blindfolding our partner and then guiding them through the course by using the correct directions. We have been specifically looking at the language forwards, backwards, left, right, quarter turn and half turn.