Bruton Primary School

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Classroom photos

This week we brought in our Quest homework for our topic of 'Seeds, Soil and Sunshine!' Here are some of the wonderful pieces of work produced!

In our ICT lessons we first made some spreadsheets of data, we then transferred this data to a digital software. It was good practice for the children in Eagle class to explore JIT5 and work on mouse control.

Our Year 2s have been working so hard on their cursive handwriting recently!

In Music we had a go at using glockenspiels to play along to our days of the week song. We took turns and our partners helped us with which notes to play.

Our artist focus this term is Yayoi Kusama. We have been recreating her style of work using shaving foam coloured with food dye to create a unique marbling effect. It was very messy, but lots of fun!

Science week! We had lots of fun this week carrying out science investigations. In Eagle we made volcanoes using baking soda and vinegar to cause a chemical reaction. We joined in with a carousel of activities with Cuckoo and Dove classes, where we did experiments to create giant bubbles and investigations into how much weight a handmade foil boat could take before it sunk. We then did a whole school investigation called 'Tumbling Toast' where we had to drop a piece of buttered toast from a set height, and record whether it landed butter or non-buttered side down. The most popular bit was being able to eat the toast at the end!

In science we have been carrying out lots of fun experiments! These include labelling plants/bulbs and looking at transpiration through coloured water and celery/pale flowers. We also had a lot of fun completing an experiment to look at capillary action, by cutting flowers out of paper and curling the edges, then watching them uncurl when placed in water.

Spending some time in our KS1 outside area. Junk modelling is always a popular choice, alongside various continuous provision activities.

Behind the scenes of our Mother's Day card making and pot painting!

What a great World Book Day!

Some of our fantastic World Book Day costumes!

Thank you so much to the parents who were able to join us for our family 'share a book' session - we had a blast! Miss Giles then joined us later on to read us her favourite story.

Eagle class ready for their art exhibition!

During science we had a go at dissecting a seed, we were able to name the main parts of it using our key vocabulary.

During science we completed a scavenger hunt activity where we searched for different leaves and twigs and talked about which trees were evergreen or deciduous. Then we returned to the classroom to do some observational drawings of what we had found.

In English we made some mini puppets to help us sequence our story of The papaya that spoke.

On Wednesday we had a whole day of Art. As a school we are entering the Royal Academy Young Artists' summer show. We spent the morning doing lots of practice such as collage, line drawings and painting. Then everyone decided what their final piece would be, keeping a focus on plants, flowers and vegetables. In the afternoon we designed and created our final pieces to enter into the show!

Our new text for English is 'The papaya that spoke' so of course we had to start off by tasting some papaya! The reactions were mixed... As papaya is a unique spelling we then spent some time writing the word in coloured pens in the shape of a papaya.