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Home Learning

Here is where I will upload some of the pictures/videos you have emailed in.


*Some pictures/videos are not clear or too big so if they are not uploaded please do not worry, we will celebrate them in class*

Beth has created this information sheet on Penguins

A stop motion animation - by Woody

Still image for this video

A news report - by Cameron

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Kane and Logan have done some research on famous people - have a look!

Harry's Shadow - by Cameron

Ashton wrote this excellent short story and sent it in. Have a read!

Cushla has been busy visiting some local hill forts over half term - take a look!

Another lovely poem, this time by Oscar - enjoy!

Ashton wrote a wonderful poem - have a read!

Megan did her own science investigation. Can you think of your own investigation to carry out?

Joseph cooked a very tasty looking meal for his family and wrote his own poem. Well done!

Oscar wrote a fantastic news report on the sinking of the Titanic.

Effie Produced this on the water cycle - check it out!

Cushla wrote a poem on one of her favourite subjects, and did some work on the water cycle.

Book Blurb by Beth

Beth was missing her regular swimming regime ..... we love the creativity!

Stop Motion Animation

Still image for this video
Check out Cameron's re-creation of a Harry Potter scene using stop motion animation!


The Great Bruton (Home) Bake-Off

Music Maestro

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Cushla has been working hard learning how to play her piano. Keep it up!