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Art & Design

Art Policy

Ibis Class have looked into different artists who use collage as their media. We then chose a theme linking to the rainforest and created our own collage and mixed media pieces of work.

Dove Class spent a day creating a piece of work to enter in the Royal Academy Young Artists' Competition. In the morning they used printing, watercolour-pencils, line drawing, paint and collage to represent flowers and vegetables . The afternoon was their opportunity to create a piece of art to show something they were interested in and they could use any media they wanted for this.

Kingfisher Class made some Greek pots using clay

Creating our collage pieces about the rainforest inspired by other artists in Ibis Class

In line with our Quest, Ibis class made and decorated their own versions of Greek Vases

KS1 had a wonderful time participating in the Big Draw festival at the Hauser and Wirth Gallery. They were exploring the concept of sounds and thinking about the concept of a painting/sculpture having a sound. They also created sounds and then drew pictures responding to what they heard.

A small group of children had the wonderful opportunity to take part in a clay and nature workshop lead by Katie Spragg who is an artist in residence at Make - Hauser and Wirth's Gallery on Bruton High Street. First they went to the allotments to draw inspiration and collect leaves and plants which would add texture to the clay. Then the children got to see inside Katie's studio and have a look at some of her work. We then spent time creating our own 'stories' in clay.

As a follow up to the workshop with Katie Spraggs in September, the children returned to see their work (which had been fired in the kiln) displayed in Make on the High Street. We met with the artist and saw some of her work. After that we went to the studios and worked with her and some carers from Wincanton to create a collaborative piece of art based on hedgerows.

PORTRAITS - For our whole school portrait focus KS1 looked at the artist Paul Klee and created a their own portrait in the style of him. They used their sketch books to do a small, detailed study or their favourite piece of his art. They then followed this up be creating a watercolour and pastel portrait in the style of Klee.

PORTRAITS - Auklet and Barn Owl made self-portraits in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Year Three and Four made self-portraits in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.

Year 5 and 6 looked into the work by Gustav Klimt. We created an artist study about him and then looked into some of the patterns he used. After this, we created our our self-portraits in the style of the Woman in Gold.

Dove Class took part in a felting workshop with local craftsperson Janna Turner. They started off by washing the sheep wool and making a bracelet. Then they then designed their own felt squares and followed the whole process through to create their tile.

Twelve children from Years 4-6 were given the wonderful opportunity to visit the art department of Kings School to take part in an art experience day. They got to take part in 6 different workshops throughout the day: pottery, photography, printing, fashion, filming and silver-smithing.

In Cuckoo, we have had a focus on art this week. The children started by selecting photos of vegetables to do close up line drawings in their sketch books. They then chose their favourite square to enlarge and then fill with bright oil pastels to create an abstract piece! I think they look great!

In Falcon Class, we have been experimenting mixing watercolours to produce as many different shades as possible.

Chalk pastels were used to create 'The Blitz'

Year 6 use pastels to recreate 'The Weeping Woman' by Picasso

Reception pupils used shapes to recreate 'The Snail' by Matisse