Bruton Primary School

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Goldfinch and the rest of year 3/4  has a fantastic day learning all about all things Roman. The day started off with a discussion about all the fantastic costumes that the children were dressed in. We then moved into the hall for our workshop which was kicked off with a talk by Russ from Portals of the Past. The children learnt about the start of the Roman Empire and its expansion through Europe.  We then went onto talk about famous Emperors  and many famous battles which took place. Russ then explored the many invasions attempted by Julius Caesar into Britain and the effects that had on Britain when they finally invaded in AD43 with the Roman emperor Claudius. Later in the morning the children were able to spend time looking and using some Roman tools, artefacts and clothing as well as have a go at playing two games played by the Roman people. 


After lunch, the children were able to learn all about the Roman Army and the weapons they used helping them become so successful. We also looked more in depth at some of the armoury worn by Britains (British tribes) and compared them to armoury worn by the Romans. When learning about the famous Roman Army, we all signed up and learned Latin commands used by all army’s across the Roman Empire. Finally, at the end of the day, We had a brilliant gladiator show in which children had a go at battling each other using a shield and sword. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic and well behaved during the workshop. Well done Goldfinch!


Year 3/4 Roman day with Portals of the Past