Bruton Primary School

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Science Week Photos


Year 5 and 6 were completing dissections of the heart, linking to our Autumn Term learning of the Heart and Circulatory System. They cut open the different animal hearts to look at the four chambers and the main blood vessesls.

Year 3 and 4, colouring blending

Ibis and Kingfisher looking through a microscope at a range of slides. Thank you for bringing in your microscope from home for us all to use and explore with Wynne.

Ibis and Kingfisher made Brain hats, looking at the different lobes, understanding which side of the brain will be dominant depending on which hand you right with, and we also tested brain speed. We did this by testing our reactions using online software and then measuring from the top of our head to the tip of our fingers. This showed the speed of the messages from our brain to our fingertips.

See if you can work out your brain speed.

VR Headsets

The children in Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough this afternoon to have a member of Airbus bring in VR headsets and parts of aircrafts for them to see. They learnt about some of the different ways that virtual reality can be used within the engineering industry. The children took turns in climbing through the same size whole that engineers need to squeeze through to get inside of the wings. They also learnt about the sustainability of an aircraft and how more and more are being made out of recycled carbon fibre. It was a great experience enjoyed by all the children.

Ibis class looked into Tumbling Toast, and investigated whether the size of the toast, drop height, or the spread on the toast effected whether it fell topping side up or not. We then got to enjoy some toast afterwards.