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In our class, you will find Class Teachers Mrs Partridge (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays), Mrs Newbury (Thursdays and Fridays) and Learning Support Assistant Miss Budd (every day).


You can view this half termly quest with details of the subjects and key learning points below. Our quest title is "How do we change and make sure we are healthy?" If you have an interest in this topic at all and would like to support us then please let one of us know. Also if you child has anything of interest related to this topic please bring it in so we can share with the class.



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Curriculum Letter to Parents

Dove Class Trip to

Hauser and Wirth


Last Wednesday, we were invited to Hauser and Wirth to complete some art workshops.


We were taught by Hauser and Wirth Education staff, who allowed us to look in the galleries at scuptures and paintings by Matthew Day- Jackson, Flynn's father and a lady named Catherine Goodman, who painted her very own paradise using bright colours.


After lunch, we made our own paintings and collages in response to Matthew Day Jackson's satellite art.


The Duchess of Cornwall visited us and chatted to us about our art work. It was an exciting and special moment for us.


Thank you to Hauser and Wirth- definitely worth a visit!



As part of our 'Being healthy' quest topic, and with all the recent illness in school, Dove class carried out an experiment to find out the best way to remove bacteria from our hands. We also watched a NHS video explaining how we should wash our hands correctly. You can watch the video following the link below. 

What is the best way to remove bacteria from our hands?

As a class we looked at our similarities and differences, we then thought about how unkind words can make us feel. We looked at how an apple may appear ok on the outside but if people keep saying unkind things the apple can become bruised and sad inside. Dove class are going to make sure we only say kind words to others smiley
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