Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Ditcheat Primary School and Upton Noble C of E VC Primary School

Photographs of our learning

A lot of patience was required for our Easter sewing crafts but we are so proud of the outcome.

Here are some of the amazing homework pieces that have come in. From miniature gardens in wheelbarrows to delicious cakes to beautiful pressed pictures. Well done Cuckoo Class!

Today we walked to the Bruton Allotments to look at the different fruit and vegetables that were growing. On the way we noticed lots of wild and garden plants. There were signs of Spring all around!

We had a visit from Heal Somerset. The charity have a site nearby and came to talk to us about the different plants that grow there. We had a story about how seeds grow and we looked inside some flowers.

In school we have been taking part in a whole host of fun activities and experiments as part of British Science Week. Today the whole school took part in the tumbling toast experiment. We had to see if toast would fall butter side down more often than butter side up. We spoke lots about making sure our experiment was fair, and the factors that we had to use to make sure it was a fair experiment. We took it in turns to drop the toast from a height and recorded a tally of the results. We then put various toppings onto the toast (jam, marmite and marshmallow fluff) to see if this altered the results. We then discussed why, more often than not, the toast always landed with the topping side down.

As part of World Book Day, we read stories with Jay Class.

World Book Day 2024. Can you guess which book characters we are dressed up as?

In our outdoor learning session today we labelled parts of trees before we made seed bombs ready for Mothers Day!

Today we investigated and labelled different parts of plants. We also looked at what is inside a seed. 

We have been practising playing the glockenspiel. We have been learning a Spanish days of the week song and accompanying this with the glockenspiels.

Outdoor Learning.

As part of our Science work on plants we went outside to investigate deciduous and evergreen trees. We used our detective skills to try to identify the different trees from their twigs! 

Bringing Books to Life Workshop

Today we took part in a brilliant dance workshop with West End in Schools. We worked with the teacher to create a dance about the book 'Dinosaurs and all that rubbish'.

This term we are looking at the story 'The Papaya that Spoke'. To introduce us to the story, we were able to explore with our senses some fresh papaya and some dried papaya. It wasn't the most popular amongst the children, but they all came up with some fantastic adjectives to describe the look, smell, feel and taste.

We had a fabulous day of art activities on Wednesday. We have produced some wonderful sketches, paintings and collages.

In English today we made puppets of the characters in 'The Papaya that Spoke' and retold the story using them.