Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Ditcheat Primary School and Upton Noble C of E VC Primary School


Homework in year one



We will be sending your child home with a reading record and reading book as they had last year. Please read as much as possible with your child. 3-5 times a week is the suggested amount from our school policy. We will try and change the books when they are returned to us. There is also no harm in re-reading books so if you have any spare time at home then ask your child to see if they can now read the book with no help to increase their fluency and understanding. Books will be changed on a Tuesday and a Friday.


The reading books sent home will be inline with the sounds your child has learned. The books are for practice so the children should be able to read them with no help. Because of this, you may think the books are too easy for your children but we need them to be able to practice the sounds they know in this way and then in school, we will provide them with challenging books during guided reading where we will introduce the new sounds. This ensures the new sounds are being taught correctly and the children don’t get confused.



Each week the children will have a short spelling test on a Friday afternoon. On Google Classroom, I will upload 6 weeks’ worth of spellings at the beginning of each term. Please help your child learn the 6 words during the week using the games under 'useful resources'. These words are taken from the curriculum and have to be spelt correctly on a regular basis for your child to be working at the expected standard. The words will gradually increase in difficulty each term. This will begin after October half term.




When the children have settled in, towards October half term I will introduce Study Ladder for some maths practice. This will be set when we have already covered each topic in class so they will just be consolidating their learning.

Please ensure you are always practicing counting to and back from 100 using objects/toys at home.  Having a great understanding of number means the children fly in all other areas of maths so it is great to have that embedded at home too!

We also teach the children their 2, 5 and 10 times tables in Year 1 so it would be great for you to be practicing these at home too!

I won’t send home any paper work for maths as they will be doing plenty of written exercises in the classroom!