Bruton Primary School

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I am Mr Oakes and I am the teacher for Jay class this year. I am really excited for the year ahead as I know how brilliant year 6 can be. Yes, we will unquestionably work hard but the rewards are certainly worth it. For example, I know from first hand experience just how great Okehampton will be at the end of the year and I know this is something many of you will have been looking forward to for years. We are also incredibly fortunate (as you will all know already) to have such a brilliant TA in Mrs Elliot who will be in class every day.


Please take a look at the topic web above for an idea as to what we will be focusing on this term. The topic is Evolution and inheritance and I know many of the children are already gripped by this.


I am a huge reader and this will be a big focus of mine for the year ahead. Please encourage children to read regularly at home as this is such a pivotal part of their development.


We hope that you have a great summer holiday and look forward to hearing all about it in September.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or book an appointment with the school office.


Science - Exploring the circulatory system

Science - Practically learning about the chambers of the heart

Science - practically finding out about the different parts of our blood!

Looking at electrical circuits in science

Science - bleep test vs resting heart rate investigation

Science: exploring classification keys

Science: classifying liquorice all sorts


Maths - whole class place value investigation

Maths - Another place value brain teaser

Maths - Practically exploring exchanging for addition and subtraction

Maths - Negative numbers

Maths - multiplication - using known facts to help us estimate to then investigate!

Maths - Division - The pupils became the teachers!

Maths - understanding about primes and factors to investigate abundant numbers

Maths - square numbers

Maths - can 2 prime numbers make a square number investigation?


Ancient Greece - exploring chronology

Ancient Greece - Athens vs Sparta debate

Ancient Greece Day - Olympics/Greek salad/Greek alphabet

Ancient Greek Day 2 - Portals of the Past

Ancient Greece - exploring a hoplite and making a Hoplon!

Quest - making our ancient Greek pots

Ancient Greece homework project

Ancient Greece - we made Greek pots to finish our Quest this term!

Quest - South America

Learning about longitude and latitude

Exploring South American countries