Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Management Team

Interim Executive Headteacher & Deputy DSL

Mrs Sandra Leggett


Head of School 

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Nicky Lambert


SENCO & Deputy DSL

Miss Amanda Solman


Deputy Head of School

Miss Sapphire Giles




Federation Subject Leaders


Early Years Leader (based at Upton Noble)

Mrs Sally Curtis


English Leaders 

                                                     Mr Tim Hole (Bruton)            Mrs Anna Baker (Upton Noble)



Maths Leaders

                                                 Mrs Bev Partridge                  Mr Luke Oakes

                                                        (Bruton)                            (Upton Noble)




Business Manager

Mrs Thelma Hartnell


Mrs Jemima Newman & Mrs Sarah Elliott





Teaching Staff


Miss Lauren Mileham
Auklet (Reception)



Miss Joanna Mullins
 Cuckoo (Reception/Yr 1)


Mr Jack Tucker
Barn Owl ( Year 1)


Mrs Helena Newbury
Dove (Yr 2) Thurs, Fri

Mrs Bev Partridge

Dove (Yr 2) Mon, Tues, Wed

Mrs Kate Smith
Falcon(Yr 3/Yr 4) Mon,Tues, Wed 

Mrs Mandy Edwards
Falcon (Yr 3/Yr 4) Thurs, Fri

Mrs Natalie King
Eagle (Yr 3/Yr 4)

Mrs Tara Hart

Goldfinch (Yr4/Yr5)

Mrs Lucy Dowdle

Hawk (Yr 5/Yr6)

Deputy DSL

Mr Tim Hole

Ibis (Yr6)    


Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistants - HLTA

Learning Support Assistants - LSA

Mid-Day Supervisors - MDS

Picture 1 Mrs Jane Atkins - HLTA
Picture 2 Miss Sam Budd - LSA & MDS
Picture 3 Mrs Amanda Davis - HLTA
Picture 4 Mrs Karen Elliot - LSA
Picture 5 Mrs Rosie Spraggs - LSA & MDS
Picture 6 Mrs Alison Meadowcroft - LSA & MDS
Picture 7 Mrs Francesca Stokes - LSA
Picture 8 Mrs Andrea Shepherd - LSA
Picture 9 Mrs Suzanne Smith - LSA & MDS
Picture 10 Miss Charlotte Spraggs - LSA & MDS
Picture 11 Miss Libby Higgins - LSA
Picture 12 Mrs Michelle Norris - ELSA
Picture 13 Mrs Sarah Williams - Catering Assistant
Picture 14 Mr Andy Weaver - Caretaker