Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Management Team

Executive Headteacher & Deputy DSL
Mrs Rhiannon Tidby


Acting Head of School

Ms Amanda Solman



Deputy Head of School (Maternity Leave)

Miss Sapphire Giles



 SENCO & Deputy DSL

Ms Amanda Solman




Mrs Lea Tarr
Office Manager /

Deputy DSL



Mrs Thelma Hartnell
Business Manager


Mrs Jemima Newman
Administration Officer


Federation Subject Leaders



Teaching Staff


Miss Lauren Mileham
Auklet (Reception)


Mr Jack Tucker
Barn Owl ( Year 1)

Miss Joanna Mullins
 Cuckoo (Reception/Yr 1)

Mrs Bev Partridge

Dove (Yr 2) Mon, Tues, Wed

Mrs Helena Newbury
Dove (Yr 2) Thurs, Fri

Mrs Tara Reynolds-Hart
Goldfinch (Yr 4/Yr 5)

Mrs Kate Smith
Falcon(Yr 3/Yr 4) Mon,Tues, Wed 

Mrs Mandy Edwards
Falcon (Yr 3/Yr 4) Thurs, Fri

Mrs Natalie King
Eagle (Yr 4/Yr 3)


Mr Tim Hole

Ibis (Yr6)

Mrs Lucy Dowdle

Hawk (Yr5/Yr6)    

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistants - HLTA

Learning Support Assistants - LSA

Mid-Day Supervisors - MDS

Picture 1 Mrs Jane Atkins - HLTA
Picture 2 Miss Sam Budd - LSA & MDS
Picture 3 Mrs Amanda Davis - HLTA
Picture 4 Mrs Kelly Cooke - LSA
Picture 5 Mrs Karen Elliot - LSA
Picture 6 Mrs Rosie Spraggs - LSA & MDS
Picture 7 Mrs Alison Meadowcroft - LSA & MDS
Picture 8 Mrs Francesca Stokes - LSA
Picture 9 Mrs Andrea Shepherd - LSA
Picture 10 Mrs Suzanne Smith - LSA & MDS
Picture 11 Miss Charlotte Spraggs - LSA & MDS
Picture 12 Mrs Sarah Elliot - Catering Assistant
Picture 13 Mrs Sarah Williams - Catering Assistant
Picture 14 Mr Andy Weaver - Caretaker