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Welcome to Hawk class

2018 - 2019

Mrs Dowdle - class teacher

Mrs Smith - class TA

Mrs Davies - HLTA cover


Sexeys Junior Badminton Club


James Elkin visited the school today to promote the Junior Badminton Club.  We all had a go at serving and hitting the shuttle cock with the badminton racquet.   If children go along tonight the session is free, other wise it starts again on Mondays at Sexeys Sports hall, 4pm-5pm, from ages 8 to 12.  Restarting 5th November 2018



What's in the news?


Mrs Dowdle bought us all a copy of the Western Gazette.  We looked through together and found newspaper articles that interested us and then discussed our reasons with the rest of the class.




Victoria enjoyed reading an article about "school in a bag" whereby a charity puts together everything a young child would need in a bag to be successful at school.

Charley read about the Wincanton Majorettes - even though the article said they were in Bruton.

Reggie read that Pheasant shooting could be banned.

During the War lots of materials were recycled and reused.  In particular the iron railings outside of Victorian houses were taken away, melted down and made into munitions.


So, this morning ... we took our "iron railings", melted them down and made "munitions" ... and then ate them!!!!






And then we did this ...


Firstly, we wanted to see what happened if we separated the famous solution COCA COLA.  We put a whole glass of Coca Cola into the saucepan and boiled it.  As the liquid evaporated we were finally left with just the sugar.  THIS is how much sugar there is in a glass of Coke!!!!



Further Experiments


We mixed warm milk and vinegar together and made a very basic plastic.  This plastic would have been used during the early part of the 20th century to make buttons and combs.



We then mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and the reaction made a gas called Carbon Dioxide.

The carbon dioxide created inflated the balloon - sort of (there was a hole in it!!)




How can we separate materials?



There had been a terrible accident in the supermarket and materials had become mixed together.  Water had spilled into the sand supply,  paper clips had been mixed up with the rice,  there were raisins in the flour and salt had fallen into the water.   Hawk class had to find ways to separate the materials.


Imogen said "now I realise that you can separate a solution".



       no   We love reading in Hawk Class






Ava recommends "The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness" written by Michelle Paver.

Eliska recommends "Poor unfortunate Soul".

Reggie recommends "The Beano Annual". 

Ben recommends the Alex Rider series.



Is it soluble?


We explored different materials to see if they made a solution.

Edward says "a solution is when a solid and a liquid mix together and the solid dissolves into the liquid",  Imogen thought "if it's dissolved you won't be able to get it out again because the water looks clear"... We will investigate THAT tomorrow!







This week we are focusing for three days on our science topic for this half term.  Linking to our WW2 project we are investigating different materials and their properties and linking this back to why certain things were used for different roles during that time.


This morning we investigated the different properties of materials.


Can you remember what these words mean ?  






We also thought about the differences between SOLIDS, LIQUIDS and GASES.  Can you guess what we were "being" in each of these photographs?



Spelling Bee


As you know, we don't do spelling tests in Hawk class, but we do do a SPELLING BEE session in class throughout the week.  Each week one child from the group becomes the BEE (and gets to wear the fantastic hat) and calls out words from the groups focused spelling pattern which the others then write on whiteboards.  All great fun!






We have begun the term by studying Carrie's War written by Nina Bawden.  The children have enjoyed reading the text and also watching clips from the film.


As writers, we have been learning how to write historical recounts from the point of view of the characters.  The children have written recounts of the evacuation from different characters' points of view and also a letter home to their mum in role as the main character Carrie or her brother Nick.


It is early days but there is much potential in HAWK class.



When my mum got a letter about the evacuation she was heart broken as she told me to start packing.  I only got to take one book, some soap, a toothbrush, some spare clothes and a towel.  The very next morning we went to the noisy train station in the heart of London; there was the squeeky steam and thousands of children young and teenage.  My shoulder was pinned down by the scruffy ropes that held my plain, white, cotton P.E bag.  




I held tight to the railing before taking one last glance at my sobbing mum through the glassless, metal, skeleton windows.  Then at last we could not see the puffy, packed, foggy London train station.  There was only the horizon ahead of us.  As we chuffed along more and more foresty hills popped up and more and more meadows and fields grew in sight.  Then, a very mystical view appeared ahead of me - a stone castle with window holes just like a doll's castle in the crook of an elbow. 

Battle of Dunkirk


We have learnt about the Battle of Dunkirk this week in both our guided reading sessions and through our Quest learning.  After thinking about the battle from varying perspectives - the soldiers, the civilians who helped by bringing small boats, the officers in charge etc - the children reflected on the solitude and fear of the soldiers stranded on the beach.  


They produced reflective artwork using water colour backgrounds and silhouettes of soldiers.  I think you will agree that they are very powerful.



World War 2 Blitz Art


The children have created some fantastic art work over the past two weeks based around our Quest topic.  Last week they created poppy pictures, ready for Remembrance Day, which are displayed in the dining room.  They also generated some really effective Blitz pictures using chalks and pastels.  The children worked from the top of the paper down so as not to smudge their work.  


The outcomes were truly fantastic and can be seen in our classroom on the back windows and on our Quest display.  Many apologies for the uniform that night!!



Our Anderson Shelter


If you come into our classroom at around quarter past one in the afternoon you are likely to find children sat reading in our Anderson Shelter.  They hide away, reading all sorts of things about World War 2 and sometimes ... they even put on the evacuees hat from the evacuees suitcase!



Our Quest for this term is World War 2.  The children are totally locked into the subject and have already studied how the war began, who the Allied and Axis countries were, why children were evacuated to the country and about the Battle of Dunkirk - and we have only just begun.


Pop in at anytime to watch our Quest board grow as we learn more and more each week.


Spider Diagram of this term's plan - subject to change as the children take the lead in our learning, but this is the starting plan!

So very happy to be back in the classroom


It is such a pleasure to be back teaching in the classroom.  I feel lucky to have such a wonderful group of children to work with during the year and have high hopes for us all. 





Hawk Class Welcome Letter September 2018