Primary School

The School Day

Key Stage 1


Morning Session 09:00  11:50 
Lunchtime 11:50 12:50
Afternoon Session 12:50 15:30


Key Stage 2


 Morning Session     

 09:00         12:15   


 12:15  13:15

 Afternoon Session

 13:15 15:30

The above sessions include Collective Worship, registration, playtime, breaks, lunchtime, and teaching time.   


The school gates open at 8:40 and are closed promptly at 9:00. Parents are asked to ensure that children do not arrive at school unsupervised before 8.50 am or remain after school beyond 3:40 pm unless taking part in after school clubs or activities. Children should move into their classrooms at 8:50 to ensure a prompt start to the day. Supervision cannot be arranged beyond these times as members of staff are involved with classroom activities, meetings, clubs etc.


If there are any difficulties about these times, parents are asked to discuss them with the class teacher.  No child will be allowed to leave the premises during the school day unless a parent has requested permission in writing or spoken to a member of staff in person.