Bruton Primary School

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Week Two 27.4.20


Whilst at school, we usually use a teaching approach called Talk for Writing, in which the children learn a story with actions before changing it to make it their own. The Talk for Writing company have released this lovely story about Mavis the cat and an adventure she goes on. There are then lots of lovely activities linked with this story. There are many activities with this document so please do not feel like you need to achieve all of them this week! This will probably last us two weeks worth of learning.


This week's activities are based around the stories 'The Night Pirates' by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright & 'Troll' by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts. You don't need the story to be able to complete the questions, but it can also be found on YouTube should you wish to have the story read to you.


Now that you have packed your suitcase we are ready to jet off to our first destination! To begin with we are heading to Atlantis, the underwater mythical land! 


Activity 1

Atlantis is said to have been an ancient kingdom that sank to the bottom of the ocean! Using a tub of water (or even whilst you're in the bath) find some items that you could pop into the water and experiment with the language floating and sinking. Can you tell your grown up what your different items do? Can you predict which way the objects will go and why? E.g I think that the ball will float because....

Take some pictures of your experiment or you could create a table, drawing on each column which items floated and which sank.


Activity 2

Let's get creative! Can you build your own underwater land? This could be with playdough, lego, sand, junk modeling or anything you can find at home! If you think your materials used are waterproof (or you don't mind your creation going a bit mushy), you could even test it out by putting it underwater. You may want to look at some pictures of Atlantis or Ancient Greece on Google  Images first with a grown up to get some inspiriation.


Activity 3

Do some underwater yoga on YouTube with Cosmic Kids!