Bruton Primary School

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Week Three 4.5.20


Please carry on with the Literacy work set last week.



Please see below for some more phonics resources, don't forget to ask your child who usually teaches your child Phonics to access the correct materials.


Miss Spraggs - Phase 3

Miss Mileham - Phase 3 or 4

Miss Mullins - Phase 4


Begin by using the word sheet first, moving onto the reading of captions. There are obviously multiple pages to these documents, please only do one or two pages per session. If you do not have access to a printer, you could write the words in your child's home learning book and then they can draw you a matching picture to show they have understood what they have read.


This week I'd like you to have a go at some money activities! We haven't done much of this at school so some of this may be too easy or difficult for your child. Please adjust where you believe necessary or send me an email if you need more help.


Activity 1

Have a look at some different coins from around your house (purses, piggy banks) and look/compare them. What are the similarities and differences between them? Use a pencil or wax crayon to make rubbings on a piece of paper of these coins. Can you write next to them what the coins are called?


Activity 2

Coin spot! Can you find the different coins from around the room?


Activity 3

Sorting Coin game -

Please choose the sorting option which is to help with recognising coins.






This week we head to colder climates! Wrap up warm, it's going to be a cool -16 degrees! I wonder what animals we may spot on our travels this week?


Activity 1

Use a map, globe or Google Maps to find out where the North and South Poles are. Can you also spot where we live; what is our country called?

Afterwards do some research into animals that live in these polar regions. Have a go at drawing a picture of your favourite animal and write it's name as a title. You could even find out some interesting facts about your animal. What does it like to eat? What does it have or use to keep itself warm? You could turn your picture into a fact file.

There are some suggestions of animals in the document below.

Activity 2

Don't read this aloud to your child, they are going to be a polar detective!

Find a toy or two (if you have an Arctic animal even better) and freeze in a container filled with water. This will probably need over night to freeze well. Once frozen, pop onto a plate or baking tray and tell your child they are going to be a detective to try and guess what is hiding in the ice. They are allowed clues but only by asking questions. They could ask about how many legs it may have, its size, its habitat etc. 

As an extra, you could give them tools (cutlery, wooden spoons etc) to try and chip away at the ice.

Alternatively, you could leave a timer going to see how long it takes to melt. If you have frozen a couple of items, put these blocks in different places to see which melted the fastest. The children could make a prediction about this before setting the timer. 'I think the ice on the patio will melt the quickest because...'

Some other cold crafts you may like to do.