Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Ditcheat Primary School and Upton Noble C of E VC Primary School

Week Three

In maths this week we have been learning about adding totals of coins. The children started by adding the largest value coins first. We then went on to learn about using change - this is proving to be very tricky but the children are showing great perseverance even when they feel like they are at the bottom of the learning pit!

In Quest this week the children have been learning to sequence the key events of the Great Fire of London. They made a timeline to show the order of events. We learned a song all about the Great Fire of London which the children sang so enthusiastically and this helped us learn some key facts too. To conclude the week the children participated in a quiz about the Great Fire of London and showed all that they have learned.

We have continued to look at change in maths. Today we had to work out how much would be given from £1. We used our knowledge of number bonds to 100 to help us work out the answers.

In PE, we were practising landing safely jumping off the apparatus. We then had to challenge ourselves to make our jumps harder by turning, twisting or making shapes in the air, and still landing with control.

In PSHE we have been doing a mindfulness task involving hand cream. The children had to tune into their senses to see how the cream looked, felt and smelt. We then discussed some of the words the children came up with and their meanings.