Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Week One - Focus Week

This week, we have been looking at an exploring the book 'What We'll Build by Oliver Jeffers. The children have really enjoyed discussing the themes of the story and what we can build - both metaphorically and practically. We have looked at the school's key learning roots of : AMBITION, CREATIVITY, RESILIENCE, RESPONSIBILITY AND REFLECTION and what this means  on an individual basis, in our class and in our communities. 

What We Will Build - the children put on a tool belt and we talked about what the different tools were called and what they do! We read the book and made posters with what we liked and questions about the story. the children worked in pairs to do this.

In Maths we have been learning about length and height. The children were learning to use a ruler to measure in cm and to compare and order their heights. We had a go at an interactive tool on the SMART board where the children had to measure different items using the online ruler.

There is a line in the book where the it talks about a tunnel leading to anywhere. The children used CREATIVITY to think and draw where they would like their imaginary road to go to.

We had a day focusing on what AMBITION meant. The children all thought of an ambition - some were achievable now - learning to tie shoe laces and others were for the future. We talked about aiming high and working as a team to achieve these goals. We made a video of the classes' ambitions - this is on the Google Classroom page.

Something Special - in the story the girl has a collection of precious items that comfort her. We made a class book with photographs of our special items and write about them using adjectives and conjunctions.

On Wednesday we focused on RESILIENCE and thought about how it feels to 'fail' and how important it is to keep trying. The children had a go at various timed challenges which they repeated and attempted to beat their score.

India brought in an animal skull that she had found to show us. She wore gloves because she didn't want to touch it with her hands! The children loved seeing it and India was very confident in answering questions about her find!

Our focus on Friday was responsibility. Our challenge for the day was to be responsible for an egg and the goal was to make it through the day without it cracking or breaking. We talked a lot of about making the right choices and being accountable for our actions. Some of the children took their new roles very seriously!