Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Week One 20.4.20

I hope you all have enjoyed your Easter break and managed to enjoy some of the glorious sunshine we had. I also hope you managed to eat lots of delicious chocolate too! Here are some pictures of my cat Lucy enjoying the garden over the holidays :)


To ensure your child accesses the correct work, please ask them who usually teaches them for Phonics and then find the relevant activitiy. Don't forget there are some helpful sound mats on the Useful Documents page if you need them. 


Miss Spraggs - Phase 3 Word Writing

Miss Mileham - Phase 3 Word Writing (independent) and then Phase 4 Word Writing (supported)

Miss Mullins - Phase 4 Word Writing


You could turn some of these words into sentences of your own. Perhaps you could record them in your red home learning books with a matching picture.


This week's activities are based around the story Supertato! You don't need the story to be able to complete the questions, but it can also be found on YouTube should you wish to have the story read to you.


This half term sees us start our new topic of Explorers.


Activity 1

To begin our voyage to far off lands you will need to pack yourself a rucksack! Separate your page into four squares with the titles 'Antarctica', 'Zambia', 'International Space Station' and 'Atlantis'. You may wish to do some research on a tablet with a grown-up to explore what these places look like. In each square of your page draw pictures of items you would need to pack to help you on your travels in these four different locations. Ask a grown up to write next to your pictures what it is you have drawn.


You may wish to think about:


weather (blankets or sun cream)

food supplies

a companion to keep you company

exploring equipment (e.g scuba diving suit or a map and binoculars)


Activity 2

Create a map of your garden or house, drawing in details such as sheds, flower pots or sofas. Next choose a spot to hide your 'treasure' and mark it with an X on your map once hidden. Finally, draw a route (including a starting point) for your adult to follow to hopefully find your buried treasure! Rub out the X and route and ask your adult to draw one for you to follow.


See if you can video your treasure map being used and send it to Miss Mileham! Here's Miss Mileham's treasure map for Joe to follow around the house!