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Week Five 18.5.20


There are now a number of lessons available online for your child to follow at home with regards to Phonics. On Monday (lesson 16), a re-cap of our sounds that we have already learnt at school will be taking a place, you will need to follow the orange header, Phase 3 Summer Term Reception. A great starting point for you at home. Please find the letter below with regards to access.

Here is the direct link to the YouTube channel


This week the children will be introduced to the term doubling! This concept only needs to be looked at by doubling up to 10, so the largest answer would be 20. Of course if your child is confident with this you may wish to go further, but begin with the smaller.


This week is our last stop of our topic, as we head into space! Luckily we can stop at the international space station and take in our surroundings.


Activity 1

Make yourself a rocket! This could be a cardboard box for you to climb into or a smaller version made from a toilet role tube. Please see below for some inspiration. Once you've built your rocket, can you label the different parts?


Activity 2

Rock cake baking! Can you whip up a tasty treat inspired by the moon. Here's a link to a tasty recipe


Activity 3

Science experiments! Use the document below to try a space related science experiment or if you find another elsewhere make sure you send them to Miss Mileham. The squeezy bottle rocket on page 5 looks great