Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Week Five

English - in English this week we have been INVENTING our own stories - based on collections and something gong wrong. We had witches and their potions, Princesses and their jewels, squirrels and their pinecones. We were learning about using paragraphs, time connectives and adjectives.

Maths - our focus this week has been 3D shapes. The children were sorting them into categories, counting faces, edges and vertices and comparing the properties if the shapes. We have had an interactive maths display where the children have added to the labelling of the shapes.

We had the treat of a cricket coaching session from All Stars Cricket - the children loved getting to know this new sport.

In Quest this week the children have been learning about Queen Elizabeth 1st and comparing her to our present Queen. Maggie and Marlow had both done their homework about her so we had two resident experts. We ordered significant monarchs to make a timeline.

Art - this week the children used the underground map as a starting point for their art. They thought about the noise and crowded carriages and use paper to represent how they felt.

In RE, we have been exploring the inside of a synagogue. We have looked at the special features of the synagogue and learnt that the most important part is the Ark, where the Torah is kept. We found out that the Torah scroll is written in Hebrew, which is read from right to left. We also discovered that it would take a whole year to write one! We had a go at creating our own Torah scroll, including writing in Hebrew then tea staining it for effect.

We have had a fun afternoon learning all about transport in London. We have looked at all the different types of transport and compared them to what we would find in Bruton.