Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Week 4

This week is Hobby Week - a fun filled week in which we will be having lots of visits from various people talking about their hobbies, interests and occupations.

First we had a visit from Lidy's dad to talk about his fishing hobby. He brought in his boat for us to look at, as well as all of the other equipment needed to fish. He talked to us about the biggest fish he's caught, as well as what he does with them once he's caught them. He explained to us all the locations he goes to fish, and demonstrated how he gets set up to reel in his big catch!

Akbar from Akbar's Kitchen, The Sun Inn came in to help us with some cooking. We prepared the ingredients for omelettes and assisted in cooking them over the hob. Each child got to choose which fillings they wanted and added it to the pan. We were so impressed with the amount of children who tried their omelettes after initially being hesitant. Most of the children agreed that Akbar's omelettes were simply delicious!

On Tuesday, the day started off with Yoga with Kate. She helped us to feel calm through telling the story of the rainbow with movement. We listened to the sound of the chimes and focused on how we felt. This was a beautiful way to start our day.

Dove Class also had a visit from Somerset Rural Life Museum - we got to hold a very old hot water bottle and a butter maker. We talked about artefacts and how Somerset is the home of lots of interesting history for us to discover - right on our doorsep.t

Over the course of the week, the children are each going to do a presentation to show and share their hobby and answer questions on it. Today we had truffle hunting, karate and story writing - to name just a few.

We had a visit from a VIP today - the High Sheriff of Somerset. He was visiting Bruton Primary School and showed us his incredibly sharp sword that was 150 years old!

Dr Bone came to tell us about being a doctor. The children got to hold a stethoscope and a thermometer. Then Mrs Williams gave us a First Aide Workshop where the children practised putting on a sling and learned what should be included in a home first aide kit.

All the children has a mini-festival experience when Abi Baker came in. She is a singer song writer and played some songs that all the children recognised, joined in with and played the percussion instruments to. There are definitely some budding performers in Dove Class.

Next we had a martial arts taster session. What energy for those kicks, blocks and punches. Don't try this at home!!!

On Thursday we began our day with a visit from farmer Su, who brought in an array of farm animals for us to look at. We found out all about how they are cared for, what they eat and we were allowed to stroke the sheep.

We participated in fitness with Jay West. We did jumping jacks, squat jab jab, downwards dogs and running on the spot. It was fun to be so active!

Mrs Newman did some contemporary dance with us. We created a dance based around working on a farm. Our routine consisted of driving tractor, feeding the animals and checking the weather for the day.

Our day ended with a visit from Akela and Raksha from the 3rd Bruton Beavers. They spoke to us about the origins of the scouting movement, what they do in Beavers and we played a fun game of 'Cod, Haddock, Plaice', both games was won by Rosie - our champion!

Tennis with Mr Baggs. We were very lucky to have Mr Baggs do a tennis session with us. We have many potential Wimbledon champions in Dove Class. Mr Baggs showed us how to dribble the ball and we had to make a ball sandwich with the rackets. Lots of perseverance and team work was demonstrated.

India's mum brought in her ponies. Ebony and Burger were perfect visitors and were so patient when the children stroked them. We learned how to tell the age of a pony and how to tell the difference between a horse and a pony. India even gave us a demonstration of brushing their manes and cleaning their hooves!