Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Ditcheat Primary School and Upton Noble C of E VC Primary School

Week 1 - Focus Week

For our Focus Week this week, we are exploring the book 'What we'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers. We will also link the book to our five learning behaviours through exploring a different area each day. Our learning behaviours are to be:


  • Reflective like Otto the Owl
  • Resilient like Elsa the Elephant
  • Ambitious like Larry the Lion
  • Responsible like Otis the Orangutan 
  • Creative like Cleo the Chameleon 

Being Resilient - the children worked in groups to get across the playground using different equipment.

Being Creative - The children had to use a limited amount of resources to create a picture. They realised that if they shared with each other there would be enough resources to create their picture.

Being reflective

The children reflected on their own personalities as well as their classmates. 

Being Responsible

The children were responsible for sharing their ideas with their group and presenting their work to the rest of the class. 

We were all responsible for looking after an egg all day. Some of us were more 'responsible' than others with 12 eggs surviving the whole day without cracking!

Being Ambitious

Today we discussed what ambition means and set ourselves long term and short term goals. We watched a video of two small children in Zambia who walked 5km to school everyday. We then decided to push ourselves and see if we could run/walk 5km around our school field. We are so proud of all the children with nearly all running 5km (25 laps of the school field). Some children even ran 30 laps. Great effort Eagle class.