Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Week 1 - Focus Week

This week our English and Quest lessons were focused around the book 'What We'll Build' by Oliver Jeffers, as well as our 5 school learning behaviours (to be responsible, resilient, reflective, creative and ambitious).

To be responsible:

  • In English, we considered how the characters in the book were responsible and how they might have felt when they took responsibility for their actions. We also discussed our responsibilities and thought about how we could be more responsible in school. 
  • In Quest, we were each responsible for looking after an egg for a whole day! The eggs were not boiled so we had to be really careful with them. Some of us made coats out of paper and paper towels to protect our eggs, some of us even used foil from our packed lunches. Some eggs smashed in the first hour that we had them, some fell on floor, some got squashed, but some were kept safe till the end of the day! 


To be reflective: 

  • In English, we thought about what the word 'build' means, and discussed different things that we can build, including houses and fences and even frienships, families and communities. 
  • In Quest, we drew around each other and filled each other's outlines with their great qualities, like being kind. We then surrounded our own outline with qualities that we liked about ourselves.

To be creative: 

  • In English, we imagined that we had an old disused building on the field. We then created interesting and unique purposes for it, like having a game room for PE!
  • In Quest, we had to follow instructions to make a flower, but each had 1 piece of equipment missing. We creatively worked in a team to find a solution to make a beautiful blue and red flower.


To be ambitious: 

  • In English, we created our own playground game as a group! We now use these games at playtimes!
  • In Quest, we looked at a video sent by our Zambian school link. Two children (aged 4-6) were walking 5km to school and 5km back home. We discussed their ambition to go to school and like them, we tried to be ambitious by running/walking 5km (25 laps) around the school field.


To be resilient:

  • In Quest, we only had 1 piece of equipment each and as a team of 5 had to get from one end of the playground to the other.
  • The teams who finished first reflected on how they reached the end of the playground and kindly helped others to get across.

In maths we started our topic on multiplication and division. We talked about how multiplication and division are opposites and we practised our times tables.