Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary


For Week One our focus will be Remembrance Day, in  Week Two the children will be learning about weather and Guy Fawkes, for the remainder of the term the Quest will be 'Sparks Might Fly' with a focus on flight. What a busy term for Dove Class! 

Remembrance Day

Firework Art - mixed media

Mapping and Weather forecasting

Designing, Making and Testing Paper Planes for DT

Toasting Marshmallows for Science - the children predicted, observed and recorded what had happens to marshmallows when they are toasted. They thought about whether this caused a reversible or irreversible change.

In Quest we have been learning about aeroplanes (and things that fly). The children learned about the different parts of an aeroplane and worked together to draw a large scale aeroplane and label it. What impressive work everyone!

Our Virtual Tour of the RAF Museum - we learned lots of interesting facts and saw several new and old aeroplanes in our live-stream of the museum.

Planting trees with the Woodland Trust. Leo and Talia were chosen to spend the afternoon planting trees in our school grounds.

Christmas Crafting - what a busy time we have had making tree decorations from spiced dough. I wonder how long they will last on the tree!

Penguin Christmas Cards - the children worked so carefully to create potato printed Christmas cards of penguins.

Christmas Party Time!

Advent Display - all the children worked hard to create this beautiful display to celebrate advent. Also attached are some details of the Advent/Christmas services at St Mary's Church

Christmas Dance - Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer!