Primary School


Biscuit Dunking - A Science experiment

We had a interactive session with the Life Education Bus. We started by looking at parts of our body, and tried to put organs in the right place.

Then we moved on to discussing our feelings and how we deal with some negative emotions that we may have.

We met Harold the giraffe who helped us through our session and invited us to his party at the end in which several of the children attending were experiencing different emotions. We had to discuss what they were feeling, why they were feeling a certain way and what we could do to help them through it. 

Harold treated us to a song and dance at the end of the session. 

Visit from the dentist.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the dentist. She showed us how to clean our teeth properly, talked about oral hygiene and showed us some of the tools and equipment that dentists use. 
We have been practising various skills in PE. We practised football, hockey, throwing, tennis and netball skills. We had to control the balls or beanbags and try to achieve the target set. 

Picasso Portraits

We went on a walk around Bruton to try and identify physical and human features of our local environment. We also looked at the local amenities, found out what the Church was called and when it was built and observed the different kinds of transport that travel around Bruton on a day to day basis.