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Pictures of Falcon's Home Learning

Alfie (22.05.20)

Alfie (22.05.20) 1

Alfie (19.05.20)

Aflie's flower poem

Mabel (14/05/20)

Florence (11.05.2020)

Mabel (07.05.20)

Mabel has been busy in the garden working on their vegetable patch as well as helping her dad milk the cows in the morning. She has also designed and made her own animal - Hignofaty.


Jasper (07.05.20)

Jasper has been very busy with his sister completing a range of activities for school and cubs. He has been using lemon juice for secret writing; making a large wooden sign to show support for the NHS; drawing a dragon's head; planning, preparing and cooking a stir fry for his family (they have said it was delicious) and finally making a large rainbow for their window.


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Alfie S (07.05.20)

Alfie has been busy practising his kickboxing everyday following tutorials on his online portal as well as having virtual lessons twice a week. It's fantastic that Alfie is continuing with his hobby whilst keeping safe at home. 

Mason (07.05.20)

Mason has produced a poster to about the endangered animal - Giant Panda. A fantastic drawing as well Mason. 

Picture 1

Florence (04.05.20)

Florence finished reading Cookie by Jaqueline Wilson. Using the recipe on the final pages, she made a batch of bunny biscuits.

Alfie S (04.05.20)

Alfie has been really busy completing his home learning. I really like Alfie's instructions for how to make a set of model lungs. Maybe you could follow his instructions to make your own. 

Florence (02.05.2020)

Florence took part in a great art webinar session on Frida Kahlo with ‘Art Enthusiasts London':


She created a fantastic portrait of the artist herself.

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Picture 2

Florence (01.05.2020)

Florence has been busy creating a mini home for tadpoles using online advice from the BBC Wildlife magazine:


She is going to share regular pictures and updates so that we can watch them develop and follow the different stages they go through to transform into a frog. 


Picture 1

Mason (01.05.20)

Mason and has sister Lyla have been learing about VE day today and decided they would host a  scones and tea party (with social distancing rules being applied and it will be self service only!!)  Donations will be welcomed and all monies will go to the NHS charity. It will be on the 8th of May (not the 7th as stated on the poster) at 11am-3pm in their front garden 44 Burrowfield Bruton. Here is a poster that Mason has created to advertise the event. A lovely example of students thinking about the community and being charitable. Well done Mason and Lyla. 

Picture 1

Mason (30.04.20)

Mason has been learning about animals on his computer and created his own animal. Great times tables wheels too Mason. You are putting a lot of strength in to kneading that bread; I hope it tastes good. Well done - keep up all the hard work.


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Mason (30.04.20)

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Mason has been practising his free kicks for his PE lessons. Well done Mason!

Florence (28.04.20)

Florence has been building a bird box with the help of her Papa.  It now sits in the apple tree close to the Packhorse Bridge waiting for new residents - perhaps the next time anyone goes to the stepping stones they can take and look and see! This looks fantastic Florence and what a great skill to learn. 

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Seely (20.04.20)

Wow Seely has definitely been learning a lot of skills at home so far:

Playing Skittles, this involved basic addition to keep score; helping to cook a roast dinner; bicycle Maintenance, planting Sunflowers; making a Bike safety poster for his Cubs badge; learning how to use tools; sawing and drilling along with measuring the wood; walking in the woods enjoying the outside; keeping up with his Gymnastics as well as lots of school work.

Mason (03.04.20)

Mason has completed his book review. I think, looking at his smile, he enjoyed the book.

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