Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Photos of our Learning


This week has been Hobby Week! We have had all sorts of visitors and the children have really enjoyed sharing their own hobbies!

We had a visit from a first aider and the GP!

A fitness instructor came on the same day as a dancer so the children were very active today!

Dog Grooming!

Cooking Omelettes!

The children loved seeing all the farm animals from Mrs Simpson's Farm!


The children have used their ever growing ICT skills to research animals from all the continents around the world. They they then put this information into a powerpoint presentation (below)

These were created by the children pretty much independently! They learned how to type in different boxes and add pictures. They have done a brilliant job!

We have played a lot of Phonics games this term to practice reading and writing the sounds we have learned. We have also been learning how to choose the correct alternative for words that have the same sound!

Summer Term 1!

To end our brilliant London Topic, we had a special afternoon where the Queen and Prince Charles attended!

The children created some fantastic work for their homework this term!

We created our own Royal Family Tree. The children used role-play to recall their names and order.

We made our very own crowns!

We have learned about the crown jewels and how they are kept safe in the Tower of London. We then had a think about how to keep our own things safe and what is special to us.

The children used their brilliant research skills to find out and create posters about London!

To start our Best of British Topic, we had a virtual bus tour of London. The children had their bus tickets ready for the journey ahead!

Spring Term!

Easter Egg Hunt! The children had to find an egg which contained a tricky would that they then used to decorate their drawings! They then went back out and found their eggs filled with mini chocolates!

The children made Easter nests! We learned how marshmallow and chocolate can melt when they're heated and turn back into a solid when they've cooled.

The children have used watercolour paints to create a spring flower picture. How amazing- they have really brightened up our classroom! The children were given half a photo and used their knowledge of symmetry to continue with line drawing before using paint to add colour.

The children have been learning about repeating patterns this week! They designed their Easter egg using these patterns and tried their hardest to recreate their drawing using craft.

We have been learning about capacity and volume this week! The children filled up different containers to see how many cups it would take. They then learned how to record this in a table.

We have been learning our 2s 5s and 10 timestables this week! The children had to order our display cards and then use their knowledge to complete some tasks in the classroom.

The children dressed up as Superheroes for Comic Relief. They then designed their own superheroes when thinking about people who help us.

The children used wool to decorate and M for their Mother's Day cards. They used fine motor skills to carefully wrap it around and then wrote out a loving message for their mum!

As part of our 'All around the World' Topic, the children have learned some African drumming this week!

We had a fire and ate smores! What a great afternoon!

Autumn Term 2 - Sparks Might Fly!

Can you guess what our new story is? The main character came to visit our classroom! Then we made our own puppets to retell the story.

Some pictures of our work on display!

We have written shape poems all about Fireworks! We learned what onomatopoeia means and used it in our poetry!

We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and why we celebrate bonfire night. We then made chalk pictures of the city with fireworks in the sky!

In English we have been learning how to read and write instructions! We learned how to make poppy cookies and then wrote a recipe for aliens to make their own!

We created some collaborative artwork out of oil pastels for Remembrance Sunday.

Autumn Term 1!

On the last day of term we learned an African Dance as part of Black History Month Celebrations.

We have been learning how to add and subtract numbers to 10 this term!

We learned lots of facts about Abraham Lincoln. We write a list of these facts using bullet points in English and created a split pin version of him where his hat moves!

We have tested our knowledge in a Science experiment testing the best material for a roof on our lego houses! We found that slate was the thickest, most waterproof and strongest material.

We all coloured a section of our art piece in vibrant colours and patterns and then put them all together to make a significant figure in black history - can you guess who it is?

We have been looking at the story 'Rainbow Fish' in Philosophy for Children. We had a discussion about something that makes us happy at school. One of our ideas was the school play area so we thought of equipment that would be fun in an underwater playground.

We made sweetie houses bright and colourful using lego bricks to print shapes. We then stuck our painting on a woods background to show the contrast of colours

We have been looking at old and new household objects! Thank you so much to everyone who sent their photos from home!

On a Friday we use our knowledge that we have learned in the week, to complete an interactive game. Last week we were looking at one less and one more than a number. And this week we were finding numbers that were greater and less than!

We have been sequencing the story today!

Our new story is Hansel and Gretel! This is how we found out! Then we made puppets of all the characters to retell the story.

We have been learning a dance in our warm up for PE before we go outside. We love the songs and are already learning the dance moves off by heart!

They look amazing! We are very proud of our globes!

This week we have made paper mache globes! We used newspaper, flour and water to create a sphere, and then added paint to show land and sea.

We have been thinking about where we belong in the world. Where do we live on this massive planet?

Then we made a poster with tissue paper to decorate the Earth. We told the aliens one way that they can look after our planet if they are to stay on it.

We have been learning all about how to look after our world! We have been using the story 'Here We Are' to inspire us! We started off my writing a 'Guide to Earth' to tell the aliens what they should do if they came to visit!

We our a community in Cuckoo class. All the children have drawn themselves doing something they love to do or what they want to be when they are older. They also all had a letter of the title to colour in to show how we can work together as a team to produce something amazing!