Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Photos of our Learning

Spring 1 - Explorers!

This term the school are taking part in the 'Daily Mile' Initiative where the children will aim to run a mile around our track. We have started our term with the focus 'Ambition' by setting a goal for the end of term. We are going to see how many more laps we can run in 6 weeks time after practicing as much as possible.

Autumn 2 - Fire! Fire!

This term we've been learning the story is 'The Magic Porridge Pot' so what better way to tie this to our topic than to make porridge on the fire! The children then chose their healthy toppings from the fruit provided.

Today, we have had a day to focus on one of our learning behaviours - Responsibility! The children found out they were going to be responsible for their very own jelly baby! They had to make a bed for them and kept them safe for the day!

We used our outdoor area to make shelters for our jelly babies!

The children learned about the Great Fire of London through videos and stories today. We then had a quiz to see which facts they could remember and then they had a go at ordering the events on a timeline.

We tested different length straws to see which one would be best for a fireman's hose! We blew water and measured how far the water went!

Today we have had a go at using the chrome books to draw portraits!

We made a Tudor houses ready for our fire tomorrow!

Today we had our fire! We set the fire to the first house in the row and watched how the wind and tight streets made the fire spread quickly!

We also played a relay game to see how people would have carried buckets of water from the Thames to put out the fire!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

IN Science, we have been learning what animals need to survive. The children made their animal out of playdough and then created a habitat as a perfect fit for their animal.

He is a collection of the artwork the children have produced on the computers this term!

We made mini Christmas trees to sell at the Christmas fair. We used a needle and thread to sew buttons together and tied it at the end so it was ready to decorate a tree!

The children have learned some Winter poetry to finish off our term!

Autumn 1 - Our Community! 

Our first day! The children have spent some time getting used to using our new provision areas!

Today we made papier mache balloons ready to paint on Monday. Can you guess what they might be?

Mr Edwards (Miss Edwards' dad) came to visit us and taught us all about how to build houses!

We have been working on Place value of numbers with in 10 and the children have done so well!

We had a fantastic trip to Carymoor recycling centre to learn how best to use the three Rs and how the centre helps our community!

We have used our previous product evaluations and designed our own cages for the witch! Now it is time to make them!

The children have been working very hard to systematically write their number bonds!

Today we wrote a setting description together and then edited it as a class. What a great way to show teamwork and improve writing!

We have used oil pastels to produce our Harvest artwork this year! We shared these pictures in the Church while one of our girls read a poem she had written!

The children are great at using the resources so they can complete their work independently!

To celebrate Black History Week, the children have created some lovely artwork in the style of Alma Woodsey Thomas.