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Photographs of home learning

Here is Finlay’s new chocolate creation...what do you think? Would you like to buy one of these from the shops?
More lovely photos from Sophie, showing us some of things that she has been getting up too. Look at the sunflowers - these are the ones that we planted in school, and now look at them. You have obviously taken great care of them Sophie. 
Cornelius has written his own chapter for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. His created character is called Bernie Button, and she loves pressing big, electronic buttons! Read about what she gets up too! 
The task in PSHE this week was to to write a letter to a friend. Cornelius has written a lovely letter to Wynne, detailing why Wynne is a good friend and things he likes doing with him. We’re all missing our friends at the moment, so this is a heartwarming thing to read. Beautifully written Cornelius. 
Fin didn’t just write about his chocolate room, he actually made it from cake. This looks so delicious, and I bet it was lots of fun to make. Great to see you thinking creatively Fin - well done! 
Some mouthwatering writing from Cornelius this week. Look at his seaside in a jar, all things collected from a impromptu trip to the beach and a dip in the sea. Lovely work Cornelius. 
Fantastic work sent in by Blake this week. I love the creative way he has made his map of the U.K. Very impressive! 
Here is Fin’s work on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory so far.  
Sophie has sent through some pictures of what she has been up to during home schooling and it looks like she has been having fun. She has been exploring Mount Everest, conducting a water density experiment with eggs, selling home grown pepper plants to her village, finding fossils on Charmouth beach and building a homemade rainforest inside her bedroom. What fantastic activities you have been up to Sophie and lovely to hear from you! 
Rudy sent us a message this week to share about the fossil he found. He had been enjoying learning about them last week, and then made this discovery in the garden! He has been growing broad beans and has shared that they are nearly ready to eat - yummy! He is currently reading book number 5 of the Captain Underpants series. We do love hearing from you, and seeing the wonderful activities you are doing! 
Cornelius would like to proudly show you the radishes that he has been tending to. You have green fingers Cornelius, amazing! He has also been learning a great deal about fossils, and has completed some writing on a subject of his choice - Minecraft! 
Harleigh-Rae has done some hands on learning this week. He has been helping by cleaning the family car. 
Cornelius was gifted some strawberries from his neighbours so he made some strawberry shortcake with them and returned some to his neighbour - I wouldn’t mind living next door to Cornelius with treats like this! Yummy! 
Cornelius has also produced some fantastic art work in which he used a toothbrush and a biro lid to create effects. Very creative Cornelius! 
Lovely to hear from Wynne and to hear about his adventures on the Jurassic Coast.....what a coincidence seeing as our English is all about fossils and dinosaurs. He has found some fossils in and around Bruton as well. Great find Wynne, a paleontologist in the making!  
Beatrice has been enjoying learning about dinosaurs. She has written some very interesting facts on a Diplodocus, a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus. Some of them I didn’t know myself! 
We love receiving the weeks work from Cornelius. We are both so impressed with how hard you are working! 
Beatrice has been working hard with her writing. Read her wonderful acrostic poem about Coronavirus. Excellent work Beatrice!
Lovely to hear from Gilbert. He has been busy outside on the farm and growing his own vegetables. I bet the extra help has been wonderful! He has been doing some reading and some maths, and creating his own rocket collage. 
Lovely to see Kiran’s smiley face. He has been busy tending to the garden and creating portraits based on the work of Quentin Blake, who currently has an exhibition on at Hastings Contemporary Gallery and the children can do a virtual tour. 
Harley has been working really hard on his innovated story of ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ He has changed the character of the bear into a tiger. This is fantastic work Harley, such neat handwriting. We are very proud of you! 
Thank you for sending this through to us Cornelius. I love the space picture you have created, and I hear you loved listening to Holst. Your letter is written very well indeed and you have made a very good argument as you why you should be chosen to go on the space trip. 
What a beautifully written letter Finlay! You have made some great points and answered the criteria well. I would most certainly consider you for the opportunity. 
Alana has been missing her Nannie and Pappy during the lockdown, so she decided that she would like to make them something and this is the result. How beautiful Alana, and such a kind and thoughtful gesture. I’m sure your Nannie and Pappy will love and cherish this. 
Cornelius enjoyed making his scroll. He dipped the scroll in tea to give it an olden feel, and wrote ‘Hello Cornelius’ in Hebrew. Very impressive! 
Harleigh-Rae has been showing great enthusiasm learning about World War II and the upcoming VE Day celebrations. 
Look at Alana’s sparkly rocket! I love it, and would definitely like to travel in this rocket. Thank you for sharing your hard work Alana. 
Lovely to see some photos from Blake. He has been working hard with his Phonics, English and Maths. He has been busy building a rocket from construction materials too. Well done Blake, you are working really hard - keep it up! 
Cornelius has been busy, busy, busy.....
Finlay has been writing a list of his favourite things. I would definitely like to ride on the train made of sweets and chocolate, although maybe not on a hot day! 
Also enjoy the story he has written. What lovely neat handwriting Fin, very impressed! 
Cornelius has been making some Challah bread. He told us that he had to knead it for 10 minutes, and that it was delicious. He had it for tea with some scrambled egg and jam. Yummy! 
Harley has been working really hard at home. He has been practising his times tables, even challenging himself to learn the 4 times table. He has been drawing a scene from the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, a story map and a character description of the bear.
Well done Harley -  we can see that you are working really hard! 
Mia has been working very hard on her Maths work. Great work Mia, we are very proud of how well you are doing. Keep it up! 
Cornelius has built a rocket from Lego. What great engineering skills, we’ll watch out for you at NASA in a few years time! Cornelius also designed a background by using a toothbrush to splatter white paint onto black card, to make the effect of stars in the night sky. 
Harleigh-Rae has been continuing his Astronaut diary. I particularly like that you included how you make yourself happy by taking pictures of shooting stars. What a lovely idea in your beautifully written diary entry. Well done Harleigh-Rae, we are very proud of your efforts. 
Cornelius has been very busy by the looks of things! Completing a lot of maths challenges, answering some reading comprehension questions about Neil Armstrong, continuing his plant diary and tending to the radishes - which look like they are thriving in your care Cornelius! He’s also been enjoying PE with Joe, especially on fancy dress Friday. 
Thank you for your lovely email Beatrice. It is great to hear from you and all the things you have been up to. Beatrice has been finding out facts about Neil Armstrong, writing her first diary entry and completing lots of maths challenges. I love your diary entry Beatrice, what a cliff hanger. I can’t wait to read what happens next! 
Thank you for your well written letter Rudy. We love hearing about how busy you are being! What a lot of reading you are doing, please keep it up! 
Also, the Bruton residents are truly lucky to have Postman Mark who has been trying daily to raise people’s spirits. The range of fancy dress costumes have been quite outstanding! Even the local news have heard about him, and they came to film him one day - along with Rudy and his sister! Coming to a TV screen near you. 
Louie has been working really hard at his allotment. He even has a large piece of wood to hammer! Looks like there is lots of scientific work going on there Louie. Great work! 
Thank you for your kind and thoughtful message to both Miss McCracken and I. It is lovely to see you and know that you are safe and well. 


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Harley wanted to share some pictures of his plants. The long shoots are his sunflowers. They are doing very well, you are clearly looking after them impeccably Harley. 
Harley has also been working hard practising his times tables which is great to hear! 
What an amazing diary entry from Cornelius! Beautiful handwriting, fantastic sentence openers and amazing alliteration. I think we can all relate to the first sentence!
Harleigh-Rae has been working really hard on his times tables and judging from the smile on his face, he is pleased with his efforts. Well done Harleigh-Rae, keep it up! 
Lovely to see pictures from Mia. She has been enjoying completing her work in her favourite place to be! She has also been out and about exploring the environment around her. 
Here are the pictures from the Dove class flower bed. As you can see, the plants are at starting to grow. We would love to hear how your sunflowers, beans and radishes are getting on. You could send us a picture as well. 
Rudy has been extremely busy by the sounds of it! He has been completing the booklets and worksheets sent home, tending to his broad bean - which is growing very nicely! He has been on a walk with his family to the dam in Bruton and learnt all about how it works. He has been participating in PE with Joe every morning and practising his free kicks in the garden. He also found a slow worm in his garden. He has been reading lots and writing in his journal. Most excitingly, Rudy has carried out a science experiment with his Daddy about volcanoes and explosions. We look forward to hearing about the results of that one! 
Wow Rudy, you have been keeping very busy indeed and we love hearing about and seeing all the things you have been doing. Keep it up! 
Cornelius is proudly showing off his new hockey stick and is having great fun practising those skills ready for our return to school. 
He has also read the story of ‘The Song of the Dolphin Boy’ and has drawn this magnificent picture. 
Sienna has been busy working hard at home. She has completed lots of different tasks and would like to share them with everyone. We loved reading your story Sienna!