Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Ditcheat Primary School and Upton Noble C of E VC Primary School


We will give the children some time to settle in to class and for us to complete assessments on the children before we set up their homework. We will update this page once the homework has been set. 


Reading:   Year 3 and 4 are very important years for reading. The step up from their previous years (especially year 3) is a large one and the help and support at home is important for each child to reach their full potential.

Each child has a reading book that they keep in school and read daily. We endeavour to monitor their choices regularly to ensure their book is appropriate.  Where possible, the children will be listened to read by one of us regularly throughout the term. The children have been given a reading record to record their books that they read in school. We also ask that the children are reading daily (5 times a week) at home either with an adult or older sibling. We know that lots of you have books at home but please contact us should this be a problem or you have any questions about suitable books etc.

We are particularly keen for the children to deepen their comprehension of a story so by asking them questions about what they have read, will really help them to develop their understanding further. If you would like further information on the types of questions you could ask, please contact us.

Once things return to normal, we will of course send home their reading records with their book from school but in the meantime, we would like to limit the chance of cross contamination.


Spellings:  Each week the children will have a spelling test on a Friday. The children have been organised into different groups depending on their ability and any gaps that need to be plugged. Each group will have 5 spellings linked to the sound/spelling pattern they have learnt that week. They will also be tested on 5 random spellings taken from either the top 200 HFW or the statutory year 3/4 spellings list.  These words are taken from the curriculum and have to be spelt correctly on a regular basis for your child to be working at expected standards. We do not tell the children which spellings they will be as we find that children will learn them for that week and then forget them when writing. At first the children may feel like their spelling score is lower, however as the year progresses they will notice a gradual increase in their score. Please practise these spellings randomly in fun and imaginative ways.


Click on your child's group below to find the spelling patterns and statutory spellings your child is learning weekly.

To reduce the amount of paperwork coming between home and school, we will be using google classroom to assign children spelling homework. The children will have their individual email address which will be sent home on Friday 25th September. We will complete a practise run in school so that the children know how to use the site but please do contact us if you need any additional support.


Maths: All the children have been re-issued with a new password for Studyladder which was sent home on Monday, along with further information about Studyladder for those of you who are not familiar with the website we use to set maths homework.

The children will be set ‘pods’ with short activities within. The pods have been labelled with the date the homework is due in to limit any confusion. We may set a terms worth of pods at once but the children only have to complete them before the due date. We  know that in the past some children like to complete more than one pod one week if they know they have a busy week the following week which is completely up to them how they manage their homework.

Most the children are familiar with this website and we use it regularly throughout the year for a range of activities across many subjects. Please do not worry if you see pods for other activities, these are likely to be for in school work! We have completed a practise run so that the children know how to log-on but they may need support to begin with.

Each week we will set three short maths activities for them to complete.


Spelling and maths will be set on a Friday and due in the following Thursday. If children do not complete their spelling and maths homework, they will complete it during lunchtime. The homework is not particularly lengthy but we are trying to encourage our children to be independent self-managers who can continue their learning at home. We really appreciate your support with this but please contact us should you have any further questions.