Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary


All homework will now be set on Google Classroom.





Year 1 and 2 are very important years for reading. The step up from their previous year is a large one and the help and support at home is important for each child to reach their potential.

We will be sending one book home with each child on a Monday. Please keep this book at home until Friday when all books need to be returned in class and will be put into quarantine over the weekend. We will then give new books to the children the following Monday. You can re-read these throughout the week and ask questions to promote comprehension of the stories. 


I have also linked to some online reading books on our class website page (Oxford owl) where you can find ebooks for free. They have many levels so will suit any child. 


We will also read with your children in guided groups (when allowed under COVID-19 guidelines) and individually as much as possible in class using books we have here.




Each week the children will have a short spelling test on a Monday. In your welcome pack, there is a spelling book containing 6 weeks’ worth of spellings. Please help your child learn the 6 words in each week using the games that I have also attached. These words are taken from the curriculum and have to be spelt correctly on a regular basis for your child to be working at the expected standard. I will provide a new booklet every half term and the words will gradually increase in difficulty. Eventually we will be using Google classroom to send spellings home online but details will come later.



Phonics is our main way of teaching reading in KS1.

In the 'resources to help at home' page there are copies of all the sounds we will be learning as well as high frequency words (words the children will use a lot). Children in September should be working at Phase 3.

Please practice these sounds alongside their reading.

There are links to YouTube videos that teach these sounds on that page so please have a look at these if you are unsure on how they are supposed to be pronounced etc. There are also some great games on the internet and I have linked too!


We will be teaching Phase 4 and 5 this term so please look at these sheets at a later date.


Maths – I have given new study ladder log in for this year as the previous ones weren't working! They are in your child's reading diary. Let me know if it did not come home with them and I can print them again!


If you have any other queries, email us at