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Home Learning for Reception 19-20

Home Learning Information

Please find below relevant documents that the Reception children will receive alongside their red Home Learning Books. Please get your children to complete any relevant work whilst away from school in these books. 


If you have any queries, please contact Miss Mileham on

and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Reid made his 'Seaside in a jar' at home this week. I think it looks fantastic!

Sowena has loved labelling the African animals for topic this week.

Freddie has been making a volcano, writing in sentences and growing caterpillars and letting them go as butterflies. Busy times at Fred's house!

Livy decided to make her penguins over Skype with her Granny! I bet Granny was pleased to join you :)

Sowena has been helping out in the kitchen this week, I wonder what tasty dinner her potatoes were part of?

Cleo made a tasty sandwich as part of her Maths this week.

Maggie busy with her sister making bunting for VE Day!

A'hoy there! It's Pirate Cleo!

Pirate Esther! She has created her own telescope and made a story map for her cat's adventure.

Matilda has found a wild baby rabbit in her garden and has been taking care of it! She has also been busy making her underwater Atlantis, drawing and foraging for wild garlic (although I'm not sure she enjoyed the smell!)

Willow made her Atlantis creation out of playdough. I love the colours you've used Willow, it looks like a real marble effect!

Annabelle has been looking into where in the world bears live! She's also done some wonderful writing about a bear, describing it with adjectives.

Maggie has learnt to ride her bike with no stabilisers! Congratulations Maggie!

Happy Birthday to Esther too! Another lovely looking cake and fab birthday outfit.

Freda has been using pasta to do some sharing in Maths, lots of energetic bike rides and even a photo of her cat that looks like Miss Mileham's!

Lauren's been busy in the garden, making burgers, doing PE with Joe Wicks and creating her Supertato!

Happy Birthday to Willow! The cake looks delicious!

Annabelle has been super busy with the whole family! I love the supertatoes!

Sowena busy deciding what to pack in her backpack for her adventures around the world and some tricky word work.

Aria has been busy this week making a trap for the evil pea and creating her own treasure map!

Writing, trap building and birthday card making from Freddie this week.

Maggie has been in the woods, taking care of the sunflower seeds and mermaid craft this week!

Reid has been busy at home with Easter craft, reading and exploring the great outdoors!

Some more beautiful writing and story maps here!

Sowena has been patiently waiting for her butterflies to develop. She also made this brilliant life cycle!

Easter story drawing and palm leaf cross.

Esther has been very creative this week! Cake baking for Daddy's birthday and Easter crown making.

Great photos from Maggie this week! It looks like she has had a great mixture of creativity and the great outdoors.

Annabelle has a wonderful first week! She's been busy making a weather vane and rain gauge, practicing tricky words, writing letters and recording the weather in a chart. Wow well done Annabelle!

Home Learning Photos! Baking, times tables, making, story telling and writing, puppet building and bird lotto. Thank you for sharing Auklet!