Bruton Primary School

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Good Health and Wellbeing:

Some activities to continue our link with Zambia and to think about how we might be thinking or feeling in this unusual time!

  • Let us know how you are contacting friends and family e.g video calls, online quizzes, sending letters. We will compare these with the children in Zambia and how they are keeping in contact with loved ones.


  • Share photos of all the amazing things you are doing such as the things you have made; anything you have been cooking or baking; what you have been planting and growing; and any fitness you have been doing at home. I know a lot of you have been sending these to your teachers already so thank you. 


  • We would like to create a book, to be displayed in school, with poetry that you have written during this time. It could be an acrostic poem, rhyming poem or any other. 


  • Whilst on a walk or out and in your garden, can you take a picture of nature (please don't include people in the picture)


  • Write a diary entry of a typical day before, during and how you think it will be after lock down. Our Zambian friends will also be writing their own diary entries to compare. I wonder if we will be having similar experiences. 


  • What do you think the positives and negatives of lock down are? You could create a table to compare them!


  • During this time we have been using the rainbow as a symbol of hope. Please share any rainbows you have produced with us. Do other cultures, within religion or during other periods of history have different symbols of hope? Maybe you could create a different symbol of hope.