Bruton Primary School

Part of the East Somerset Federation which includes Upton Noble C of E VC Primary

Autumn 1

Ibis showed their Arcimboldo-inspired pictures created on Chromebooks and sang their Harvest song brilliantly in church. Well done Ibis, so proud of you.

As part of our writing on Greek Myths we acted out different parts of the King Midas myth. We used our facial expressions and body language to help us add emotions to our writing. We then used a thesaurus to up-level our sentences.

In dance, we acted out the Pandora's box myth. We started with Pandora being created from clay. After life has been given to her, the box is delivered to the house. Pandora is tempted to open the box against warnings not to. As she opens the box, all the terrible things in the world escape except for hope at the very bottom of the box.

In science, we are learning about the heart and circulatory system. In groups, the children represented the different parts of the body and the blood carrying the oxygen to those parts - the red and blue card showing whether the blood was oxygenated or deoxygenated. This really helped us to understand how this system works.