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We are very excited to be studying World War 2 this term and looking at what life would have been like for children at this time. It has been fantastic to see the children so engaged in this quest and we would encourage them to find out more at home. If you have anything at home that can support any of our topics this term, please send it in!




Reading is a key focus of the school and we would encourage you to read and discuss books with your children on a daily basis. This term children will be bringing home a copy of ‘The Boy in Striped Pyjamas’ which we will be reading within class and setting challenges for home learning. Due to the mature themes explored in this text, we’d recommend reading and talking to your child about their understanding. Comprehension is our key reading focus so questioning during daily reading is vital to your child’s progress. Please click here to download questions that could support home reading.



Your child will continue to be given spellings every week to learn for the following week. It is essential that your child practises their spellings every day. It is important that children are able to spell Year 3 and 4 spelling words along with growing in confidence at the Year 5 and 6 words with the aim of spelling them all by the end of the year. Click here for spelling lists.




Children must have their PE kits in school at all times during the week. We hope to use the swimming pool and a Friday afternoon until it gets too chilly.




In Year Six, homework consists of daily spelling and reading practise as well as arithmetic practise. Each week we will send an arithmetic paper home which they have already completed in class. We would like them to look at 3 questions they have incorrect and have a go at correcting them. All methods will be taught throughout the year but any support you can offer would be greatly appreciated.  The weekly homework must be completed and returned to school every Thursday without fail. We will also be setting an ‘Anderson Shelter’ project but we will give you more information about this later in the term.


Please do come into school to talk to any of us if you have any concerns.



In English we have been reading Rose Blanche by Roberto Innocetti. The story tells us about the life of a young girl during the Second World War. 


Here are some amazing snippets of writing from this week:



I felt like my feet were glued to the ground, watching in stunned horror as the young boy, who had done nothing wrong was dragged into a truck. (Maddie)

The truck started to shake and rumble. It started moving so I ran after it. Before long we were in a forest. I'd been here, before the war. It looked very different. Unlike before, it was full of wire and it was muddy, dead. It was not full of life anymore just rutted and corrupt. (Thomas S)

Finally, I stumbled into a clearing; dry gnarled twigs snapped under my feet as I stared up at a massive barbed wire fence groaning in the wind sorrowfully. (Elodie)

Sorrow went through me, along with disbelief. I couldn't believe my eyes. Smashed windows in the background, hungry children crying for food. (Finnlagh)

It was getting late and turning dark, I had to get home. I turned to leave when the murmurs stopped. It was like they lost hope. (Livvy)




Some of our excellent writing inspired by 'Rose Blanche'

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In History we learnt about the blitz and used chalk pastels for art. We drew pictures of the blitz and drew a beautiful sky in the background. I saw some of my friends pictures they were all pretty extraordinary and delightful. By Rayah-Jayde      

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