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Bruton Primary School

Zambia Link

Back in October, we were lucky enough to host Joseph Chishimba and Godfridah Mwimbe from our Link School in Zambia.  This week Miss Maggs and Mrs Atkins are visiting Mine Primary School and sharing learning around the topic of homes and houses that Key Stage One followed this term.  They have taken lots of exciting lesson resources and we look forward to hearing their news.  They have been presented with the traditional chitenge outfits and received a fabulous welcome!

Please click  HERE to read Miss Maggs and Mrs Atkins blog.  Please leave questions and comments for them.

Here are some of the photos so far.....

Bruton Primary has been linked with Mufulira Mine Primary (formerly known as Mufulira Mine Basic) in Zambia since 2004. Firm friendships have grown between the two schools.

As well as annual teacher exchanges, the pupils at both schools share projects, write letters to each other and have even been able to Skype!

The projects all aim to develop an understanding and appreciation of our own communities, recognise our place and relationship with the wider world and consider ideas and issues beyond our own daily lives.